Asset Recovery & Stolen Property Investigations

Asset Recovery Services for stolen or lost property investigationsOur asset recovery services include investigating and recovering lost or stolen property for insurance companies, businesses, and individuals. As with all of our private investigation services, our private detective will provide a complete and thorough investigation in order to uncover the truth. These asset recovery services are available for clients located throughout the entire Midwest. Our primary goal with any asset recovery investigation is to determine precisely what happened and to locate any stolen property.

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Our Asset Recovery Services

Our primary focus during asset recovery investigations is to investigate and recover stolen or damaged property. This includes working with all types of equipment and goods such as:

  • Heavy Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Semi Tractor Trailers
  • Boats
  • Motor Homes
  • Vehicles
  • And More

During many asset recovery investigations, the insurance company will first conduct a thorough investigation or perform due diligence before determining a settlement. This process involves gathering as much information as possible from all available sources. Our private investigator assists the insurance company during this process by working with the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) Manager and the Claims Handler to collect information regarding stolen and damaged property. Our goal when working with insurance companies for asset recovery is to determine the circumstances surrounding a case and locate the stolen property.

Cargo Theft Investigations & Asset Recovery

This specific branch of asset recovery deals with recovering stolen goods or cargo for the trucking and freight industry. For example, a semi trailer may be broken into and the expensive cargo removed for illegal sale. In other asset recovery situations, the entire semi truck and trailer are stolen together and must be located and recovered.

Our private investigator can work closely with insurance companies or trucking and freight transportation companies during these cargo theft asset recovery investigations. Our primary goals will be to determine what happened to the freight and to locate the stolen freight.

Other Types of Asset Recovery Investigations

Asset Recovery Investigation ServicesWhile our private investigator primarily works with insurance companies to locate lost goods during asset recovery investigations, we can also work with a variety of other types of clients on a variety of cases. During any asset recovery investigation, our main goals are always to determine what happened to the property, money, or other goods and to locate this stolen property in order to return it to its rightful owner.

Our asset recovery investigation services are available for:

  • Companies: Businesses often require asset recovery services to investigate employee theft. These investigations can be set up to recover stolen money, machinery, equipment, or other goods. After conducting an asset recovery and employee theft investigation, businesses can properly identify and deal with dishonest employees. Additionally, some other types of business asset recovery investigations may involve investigating and locating property that has been taken by past business partners and associates.
  • Individuals: Many times individuals require asset recovery investigation services in order to recover stolen property or money from ex-spouses, former household staff members, neighbors, or former renters. The types of property commonly recovered in these investigations will vary, but commonly includes jewelry, family heirlooms, furniture, appliances, vehicles, and other private property.

Learn More About Our Asset Recovery Services

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